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You can request for quotation or order in English from this web-page.

Terms and conditions

  • Selling prices and MOQ for overseas are different from notation prices for Japan.
    Therefore, we will give an quotation individually.
  • The payment Method is Bank transfer & Credit card(Paypal).
    We will ship products you ordered after payment.
  • Please burden a dispatch charge, export expenses, a remittance charge and so on.
  • We will normally ship as Freight collect by FedEx or DHL.
    DHL or FedEx delivery account number is required.
  • Trade conditions will be FOB JAPAN.
  • Even if there is a stock, it will take about one week until shipment.

  Notation on Quality guarantee and Export regulation.

Contact information

  • TEL : +81-3-3251-1359 / Japanese only
  • FAX : +81-3-3258-3432
  • MAIL : postmaster@furutaka-netsel.co.jp / English OK
  • [ Company profile ]

    Electronic components trading company of Japan.
    International shipping and Export to the compatible.

    In particular, There are a number of achievements in ASEAN and Europe.
    Electronic parts procurement of Japan, please leave it to us.