Quality guarantee.

The guarantee period shall be one year from the date of shipment of the product. Only the manufacturer's discretion case is acceptable,
We guarantee only based on the scope of the manufacturer's quality assurance content.
The maximun guaranteed amount is less than the sales amount of the product.

Exsemption from Quality guarantee.

Other guarantee and exsemption from responsibility.

Regarding to storage of purchased products, do not expose them to direct sunlight, do not put them in wet place and corrosive gases,
Please keep at appropriate temperature and low humidity condition.
Storing in a unsuitable place may cause discoloration, rust or corrosion , low performance or breakdown,
Please note that defects, damage, etc. that are considered to be caused by storage conditions are not covered.

In addition, transportation equipment intended to transport human beings such as automobiles and vessels and ships, lives protection / life support equipment.
Other special applications requiring very high quality reliability, aerospace equipment and nuclear equipment, weapons and weapons and other military applications.
Failure, damage when it is used will also be excluded.

Natural disaster , fire , flood , pollution , bad weather , terrorism , quarantine regulation , political regulation , conflict , riot , strike etc.
Damage or breakdown resulting from a natural disaster or external factor, or the delay of transport matters
shall be excemption from responsibility.

Export regulation.

In case of exporting purchased products, please strictly observe the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law and all related laws and regulations.
Do not offer directly or indirectry to companies, research institutions, organizations, individual etc. who develop, manufacture, use, store and maintain weapons of mass destruction.
(See Foreign User List published by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
All products sold by us are subject to catch-all regulations,
In case of exporting, please obtain the export permission at the customer's risk and responsibility.
In case that the destinations or end users of exporting are,
Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Afghanistan, Cuba, Syria, Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cote d'Ivoire,
Lebanon, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Eritrea,
Do not offer directly or indirectly.

(See Region 2 of Exhibit Schedule 4 of the Export Order and the Region 2 of Schedule 3 of Export Administration Regulations) * As of July 1, 2016

Exchanging and returning the purchased products.

Regarding exchanging or returning of goods due to customer's convenience, we can not accept in principle.
In addition, due to the mail order form using the Internet based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law, there is no application of the cooling off system.

However, if the item is defective or different from your order, and you contact us within one week after delivery,
We will accept replacement or returns.

If there is no stock and it is not possible to respond to the exchange,
it will be refunded and the warranty over the sales price of the applicable product can not be accepted.

※ If we arrange preparation and shipping preparation on our side even before shipping,
Please note that we may charge a cancellation fee (5% of the price for the item) separately.